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batminiTuningbox® technology improves performance (torque & power) in turbo diesel engines. This also includes the main brand names of boat engines.

Thanks to this unit, your boat will enjoy up to 30% improved power and torque. What’s more, your engine’s consumption will fall by anything up to 15%. The improved performance nevertheless remains within the constructor’s set tolerances.

Just like the unit designed for cars, installation is very simple. It connects to the common rail via the OEM connectors. The installation drawing supplied with the unit is highly explicit, and in the event of problems our technical service is at your disposal.

Should your unit encounter difficulties, all you need to do is remove it, and the engine will automatically return to constructor configuration.

If you would like to know the performance you can expect from your engine with the Tuningbox® add-on unit, just select “boat” in the tabs on the upper right of this site, and then select the engine you have.

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