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The Tuning Box team is proud to introduce you its brand new kind of add-on box for prestigious vehicles such as Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes and Porsche…
With a brand new outlook, a durable and absolutely waterproof shell, this new product will please you.
This add-on box will be delivered already set according to your vehicle details so that you will get the announced power. By external adjustments, it is also possible to choose different modes depending on your desires. This provides a unique feeling for all kinds of driving.


The Evolution Tuning Box is provided with AMP plugs (high quality plugs used by the automobile manufacturers).
To improve our add-on boxes reaction time, these Evolution boxes use the last generation ultra fast microcontrollers. Those microcontrollers transfer immediately the data to the ECU.
Up to 36% more power and a consumption decrease of 0.6 to 1.2L / 100km!!
Why so much power improvement? You plug the Evolution box on the common rail plug (as you do for many add-on boxes on the market) but you also plug this Evolution box on the turbo pressure. This way, it works on the injection and on the turbo pressure at the same time!
The Evolution Tuning Box program working on both of these parameters, you get 7% more power than you would with a basic add-on box.
The Evolution Tuning Box is similar to chiptuning (ECU remapping) in many ways.

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