Operating Principle

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montage3 aaaaThe TuningBox® connects between the original engine control unit (ECU) and your car’s injection system. The TuningBox® intercepts data from the ECU, optimizes it and then sends the newly modified parameters to the pump. Only the amount and the duration of the injections are modified, and NEVER the injection or turbo pressure, which remains set at the standards laid down by the constructor.
Of course, connection is carried out using OEM compliant connectors, and does not require any adjustment or soldering.
If the TuningBox® electronics detect the least operating problem, the system will immediately return to the original configuration. So rest assured, your engine never runs the risk of stalling.
rd6aaaIn addition to give you added driving pleasure and flexibility, the add-on unit, in the same driving conditions, reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Due to the increased torque, to reach the same speed you don’t need to press so hard on the accelerator, so your consumption naturally decreases.
It goes without saying that with TuningBox®, all of the other functions of the control setup (ABS, ESP, onboard computer, etc.) remain active.

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