Safety First!

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When we talk about safety here, we’re obviously talking about your engine’s safety, but we’re not forgetting the importance of driving safety: It is imperative that in using the add-on unit, driving remains safe.
The R&D unit working on the Tuning Box always keeps this in mind.

The TuningBox® makes safety a priority

Turbo protection along with all other original safety systems remains operational.
If the TuningBox® electronics detect the least operating problem, the system will automatically return to the original configuration.
The injection pressure continues to be regulated by the original computer, in compliance with the engine speed, and therefore the accelerator pedal.
The turbo pressure continues to be regulated by the original computer. The turbo is therefore never subjected to mechanical stresses any greater than those of origin.
To ensure discretion, once you remove the unit, no trace of it will be found in the motor or the original computer memory.
The TuningBox® only connects with original connectors designed for the automobile market, and never using computer connectors. Correct contact and sealing are therefore guaranteed.

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