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TUNINGBOX develops add-on boxes for the following vehicles:
Diesel & Turbo Gasoline Cars, Tractors, Trucks, Forest Machines, Boats.

Results Driven

Proven Technology

Top Performance

Original TuningBox: innovative since 1996

Power and economy for your engine

The TuningBox ® unit enhances the performance of your turbo diesel engine, from 25% to 30% (power and torque) and also reduces consumption by up to 10%.

The installation is very easy; you connect a little module between the original calculator and the injection system of your car.
TuningBox ® is equipped with connectors identical to those used by the manufacturers. This allows a fast and efficient connection without cables cutting and resoldering. So, if you wish to take out the additional unit, you can do so by using simple plugs. It leaves no trace on the engine, or in the computer memory of the vehicle.

By operating within the manufacturers’ tolerance limits, TuningBox ® does not in any way reduce the life span of the engine or other organs of your car.
TuningBox ® is developed in a high-performance development centre and distributed in over 30 countries.



TDI Classic I category price $544.
TDI Classic J category price $720.
TDI Plus S category price $730.

TFSI / TSI V category price $771.

TunePedal P category price $350.



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  • Hello, my name is Michael Valdez I recently ordered a product from your website. The reason why I’m emailing you is to let you know how my experience went. Let me start from the beginning, I was looking for a part for my car so as anyone would do I looked on line. I found a few companies that would have the part I needed and one of them was BK-Motorsport so I took the chance and emailed BK-Motorsport. I was hopping to hear back with the inquiry in a few days but to my surprise I got a email within minutes, from your company and by the name of Roland T. telling me that they did have the product and was able to send it to me. Attached to his email was the link to the exact part I needed and also told me if I had trouble checking that he would be more than happy to walk me threw it. So when I went to check out, I had some trouble trying to order it. So I emailed Roland T. that I was having trouble checking out…. To my surprise I got a phone call from Roland!! And walked me threw the hole process..WOW!! Talk about caring about your customer!! I was always being updated on the status of my part and were it was at. So I knew I felt ordered from your company. Out of all the company’s I ordered parts from I’ve never had this great customer service. So this is the reason for this email, is to tell you that your company and your team including Roland T. in my book are A+++ you can be sure that I will order from BK-Motorsport again!! Thank you for your time to read, thanks again.Michael Valdez
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