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rd8bWithin a deceptively simple unit, both in terms of look and connection, the TuningBox® encloses state of the art technology and materials especially formulated for the constraints of automobile use. Judge for yourself:
1- In order to maintain secrecy, the unit components are ordered separately from specialist manufacturers. After that, assembly is carried out in-house by qualified personnel before going through quality control.
2 – Each unit is then programmed to suit the vehicle concerned. The result of this programming is the fruit of performance research in our development centre. Before any unit is marketed for any given model of vehicle, we carry out numerous tests in our laboratory and on our power benches in order to be sure of maximum performance and reliability.

A thorough approach for maximum efficiencyIMG_2377_JPG
All TuningBox® units are equipped with connectors that are OEM compliant. If we can’t get the connectors direct from the manufacturer, we will have them made in compliance with specifications that are every bit as stringent as the constructor’s.
rd1Unlike some other competing products, we never use computer connectors, as these are not suitable for the demands of the automobile sector.
Our connectors are also secured, i.e. you cannot possibly connect them the wrong way round.

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