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Going wherever you want, sleeping where you want when you want, no schedules, going as fancy takes you, the motorhome is a perfect symbol of footloose freedom.
Sadly, on the road, there are often steep hills and the streams of traffic that build up behind slow vehicles, and it’s not easy to overtake a slow vehicle with a motorhome.

The real problem lies in the basic design of motorhomes : an overloaded chassis and under-powered engine.

To compensate for this, the TuningBox® upgrades the torque pick-up by approximately 30%. The improved performance nevertheless remains within the constructor’s set tolerances.

Just like the unit designed for cars, installation is very simple and requires no particular technical ability.  The installation drawing supplied with the unit is highly explicit, and in the event of problems our technical service is at your disposal.

We are fully aware that your motorhome is above all a source of pleasure, and that once you are far from home, encountering a problem can be a real headache.  Should your unit encounter difficulties, all you need to do is remove it, and the engine will automatically return to constructor configuration.

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