Commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

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chminiA commercial vehicle that often runs unloaded, often offers good performance and a good torque / power ratio. Unfortunately, the purpose of a commercial vehicles is to carry loads. And that’s where problems arise, once the vehicle is loaded, it lacks torque and pick-up. It slows down on uphill slopes and does not permit overtaking. Journeys seem to take forever, and workers lose time on the road, arriving at destination stressed out and tired.

Thanks to TuningBox® technology, commercial vehicles performance improves (torque and power) up to 28% while reducing consumption by up to 15%. The improved performance nevertheless remains within the constructor’s set tolerances.

Just like the unit designed for cars, installation is very simple and requires no particular technical ability. The installation drawing supplied with the unit is highly explicit, and in the event of problems our technical service is at your disposal.

We are fully aware that your working vehicle cannot be allowed to break down. Should your unit encounter difficulties, all you need to do is remove it, and the engine will automatically return to constructor configuration.

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